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Lakeside A La Carte

Thanks to the Burlington Rotary Club for allowing us participate in the wonderful Lakeside A La Carte again this year!

Also, a big thanks to Dan Kislenko for the wonderful review in today’s Hamilton Spectator.

“Nellie James Gourmet Food did the best in my book. This is the former Chef & Wife from Dundas, rebranded. They’ve always been adventurous at public picnics, but outdid themselves at Lakeside a la Carte. First off, the sample was bite-sized, always something I’m looking for.

It wasn’t the kind of morsel you could pick apart and nibble, either. Take the whole thing and pop it in your mouth for a wonderful complexity of flavours and textures. The base was a slice of beetroot carpaccio topped with kohlrabi slaw, smoked cream cheese and a piece of hickory-smoked bison flank steak. What a terrific blend of smoky, sweet, tangy and creamy.”