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We had the privilege of participating in Dishcrawl this past Tuesday. The backyard was set up for a quick sampling of signature hors d’ouerves.

Our menu was as follows:
•Roasted “Koike Farm” Zucchini with Saint Mary’s Unripened Goat Cheese, Basil and Pickled Watermelon Rind
•Local Candy Cane Beet with In-House Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast, Red Wine Syrup and Fried Bella Vitano Cheese
•”Jepson Meats” Naturally Raised Pork Tenderloin on a Blue Cheese Biscuit with Bourbon Reduction and Lamb Jelly

The original plan was to have the lamb jelly accompanying the chicken but Ken decided it was a better match for the decadent pork.

We also did a signature drink of Ontario yellow plum syrup, peach schnapps, rum, iced tea and 7-up.

Some folks on twitter took some shots of the evening:

“Second stop @dishcrawlyhm is like a secret garden! @ChefandWife aka Nellie James #HamOnt #dishcrawl”

and it was reported in the Dundas community news
Dishcrawl is a great opportunity to sample dishes and drinks from area restaurants and just a wonderful event all around.