Nellie James is a chef-driven gourmet food to go experience and signature catering service.  The Gourmet to Go in was launched in downtown Dundas in 2004 and has continued under the name Nellie James Gourmet Food to Go since 2013.  Chef Ken continues to offer the same blackboard menu of locally driven, seasonally sourced gourmet food and services our customers have come to appreciate.

We prepare our menus using local farmers and growers as a source of fresh ingredients. This permits us to change our menu selections often, providing our customers with a variety of freshly prepared entrées, sides and desserts from which to choose.  We also offer a number of vegetarian and vegan selections weekly.

Why “Nellie James“?  Chef Ken LeFebour explains: “Nellie James was my maternal grandmother, born in India to an Irish Father and an Anglo-Indian Mother. She raised 13 children, was fluent in English and spoke a number of Indian dialects. Nana Nellie was a fiercely strong redhead who was not afraid to speak her mind. She was kind, smart and an exceptional cook who I had the privilege of spending time with in India. Her spirit was so powerful and is something I carry with me. Naming the business after her seemed a small but fitting tribute to a great woman.”

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