“A Happening Too – Bridging the Gap!” A Great Big Thank You

Nellie James sincerely thanks everyone that was involved in making “The Happening Too – Bridging the Gap” a GREAT event!

Thank you sponsors: Mel Koseleci, Matt Irwin (Midfield Interactive), Ricardo Persi (Liuna), Mr. and Mrs. Romeo, H. Williams, Tim and Wanda Woods;

Thank you artists: Blackbird Studios, Valerie Cousins, Dave Hind, Sanjay Patal, The Pearl Company, David Storm, Dan Zen;

Thank you musicians:  Burnin’ Ethyl, Laura Cole, Dave Gould, Paddy McGuire, Hut Museum, Aidan Purnell, Mimi Shaw and Tiny Bill Cody;

And special thanks to: The Hamilton Spectator (Karen, Jane, Lori, Phil, Sandra, Tiana, Jackie), Bacchus (Peter and Shane), Town Media (Dave Hanley), I Heart Hamilton, Manorun Farms, Mickey McGuire’s Cheese, Steve Sinnicks, Curtis LeFebour, Chris Hourmouzis, Vivian Medley-Mark.

With all of you the evening was a great success and once again we are able to support both Interval and the Spectator Summer Camp Fund.

Thanks again!

Chef Ken


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